Day 4: My Current Nightmare (Living with Someone who Doesn’t Love Sports)

Ever since I was a wee one I have loved all things sports. In fact I think I came out of the womb yelling things such as “And 1,””that’s a foul,” and “pass interference!” But that has not been confirmed (or denied) for me.

When I would spend the night at my best friends house I would wake up in the morning and read the Sunday sports page while consuming a large glass of low fat milk (my mom only bought non fat so going there and drinking that yummy fat was like a tall glass of milk water).

I played all of the sports growing up. Soccer, tennis, softball (insert lesbian joke here), and volleyball to name a few. I loved playing sports and the social aspect of a collective team unit (the team and social aspect more than the actual playing) but I also loved watching them. I could tell you every player, where they went to college and their stats on any given day (still can). My parents loved to show me off and tell their friends or family to ask me where so-and so-played, where he previously played, what college he went to and what his current stats were. My favorite players for baseball were Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio, much to the disappointment of my dad who loved the Padres and was friends with Tony Gwynn. My dad’s friendship even allowed me to get to meet my favorite players Bagwell and Biggio (and of course Gwynn, Caminiti and others) when he concocted a pre-game on field outing with my best friends family and mine before a Houston Astros v. San Diego Padres game. Bagwell and Biggio came up and hung out with us, tickled us and signed lots of autographs and I told my dad I was never going to wash the hand that Bagwell held. (Spoiler alert: I have since washed that hand).

I loved it. All of it. I loved sports so much I ended up being a sports reporter after UCLA (albeit for a small paper in Santa Barbara until the economy tanked in ’08 and I was 1 of 10 people laid off but then again I also got to live in Santa Barbara and get paid to write about sports right out of college so there’s the fucking silver lining).

I would (and still do) prefer watching ESPN over any other cable television show and to this day prefer having some sort of sports (minus hockey) on the TV. I dated a guy in college who also loved sports. We would sit on the couch (in boxers… hmmm) for endless hours and watch March Madness or football or basketball. We would go to games together. I went to South Bend twice with him to watch Notre Dame games (one of which was the infamous “Bush” push) and we would go to UCLA football and basketball games.

Fast forward to now. I no longer date men and the woman I am with doesn’t like and has never pretended to like any sports. In fact she hates them. All of them. (Except running which I always tell her isn’t actually a real sport). It is babe. It is a real sport. (I want her to cook me dinner still tonight). She used to moan and groan whenever sports were on at all and claimed it made her depressed because it reminded her of her time with her dad. (I didn’t know how long the relationship was going to last). I was not not going to watch sports so I started watching the games without the sound because well I am an amazing human. I will say however her utter resentment and hatred for all things sports has gotten better. She now allows  tells me I can have a little sound on while watching the games because well, compromise. She also yells “And 1” randomly on some nights I’m watching basketball (she has no idea what it means) and it makes my heart a little happy.

But most days there will be a huge game on and she’ll say ‘we should go to the beach’ or ‘let’s go to a movie’ and I have to tell her ‘babe there’s a game on’. But relationships are again all about compromise and sometimes I opt to go out and spend the day/night with her (and relentlessly check my phone for in game updates and/or put my phone in front of something – something she can’t see – while I stream the game and pretend  pay attention to her). She’s caught me twice.

But she still doesn’t understand that oh I don’t know the Super Bowl is a big deal. I even try to get her into the Super Bowl commercials but she doesn’t care. I try to care to pretend about Chicago sports “look babe your team is on” but nope. Nothing. However, on two occasions she tried to pretend she cared about sports (just to spite me). The Cubs were playing the Padres and we went to the game and she said she was going to root root root for the home team Cubbies. I told her she couldn’t come with me if she did that. She cheered one time for them when they got a hit (I was surprised she knew that was a good thing that just happened) and I refused to talk to her the rest of the time. On another occasion in which she tried to spite me she bought me tickets to the Chicago Bulls v. Lakers game for my birthday (girlfriend of the year and see that compromise again!) last year and said she was going to cheer for the Bulls. I asked her she could ONLY if she could tell me ONE current Chicago Bulls player and she replied with “Derek Jeter?” Wrong sport. She ended up cheering for the Lakers that night and told me she had a good time. Tear. Lot’s of tears. I recently told her since she had such a great time I was going to buy her tickets to the Lakers for her birthday. That one DID NOT go over well.

The very last time I coaxed her into going to a Padres game with me when the Cubs were playing she didn’t say she was going to root for the Cubs but I proactively bought her a cute Padres sweatshirt and some organic health food in order to ensure it wasn’t going to be like the other time and BOOM just like that she folded into turning against her home team. Clothe her and feed her and she’s good to go. Her family (all who like sports) called her a traitor and I, well I sang her praises that glorious night.

In order to keep her engaged in sports I recently promised her lululemon shorts (man I have never seen her perk up so fast) if she could tell me (in three tries) the college Steph Curry went to. I then digressed and said she would never ever guess what college he went to but I would still buy her said shorts if she could tell me the state he went to college in within five tries. Her first guess: Montana. Uh… what colleges are in Montana?! I said “think Michael Jordan.” She still couldn’t guess. Ten tries later she still hadn’t guessed. (He went to Davidson which is in North Carolina). It was a sad day as are most days in which I ask her any sports trivia.

In fact she just asked me what time the football game was on tonight. Basketball babe. Basketball. Face palm.

Day 4: My Current Nightmare (Living with Someone who Doesn’t Love Sports)

Day 3: Babies (& us)

Hello all of my readers (Kate, SheriSara and Mom). I would like to welcome you back to my blog.

At first I was going to tell you about my day as I didn’t seem to have a formulated topic to write about BUT as I sit here on my wild Saturday night and watch a documentary on Netflix entitled “Babies” (a documentary picked by Kate, may I add, which I know think is her way of “inadvertently” telling me that she wants babies – although she tells me on the reg that she wants babies like right now and, despite our valiant efforts in trying to make one, it just doesn’t seem to happen. Weird right?) But anyways as I sit here and watch this documentary it made me think of well, babies.

Inability to formulate a topic of discussion for blog solved!

So, I love babies. Babies love me. I love toddlers. Toddlers especially love me. Perhaps it is because we share the same core common interests: eating, pooping, napping, watching cartoons and playing. I love kids. Kids love me. I am indifferent to teenagers because well we can all agree that for the most part they suck.

Many people (everyone in my family and Kate’s) ask us if we want babies. Yes. Yes we do. They then proceed to ask us when we are going to have babies. Not so easy to answer. But let me tell you guys, if it was that easy for us to have babies we would already have had them. Like 10 of them. But it isn’t that easy. I don’t think I need to tell you the ways in which it is hard for two females to conceive a child together naturally, however, if you are confused as to why it is hard well then you should probably blame your parents and look on the all knowing internet for the answer because I am not about to tell you.

But back to Kate and I and babies. When I met Kate she said she wanted babies but didn’t care to pass on her genes. (I don’t think that was the first topic of conversation we ever had but hey you never know with lesbians. I mean we did move in together after like two weeks so…) I, on the other hand, have always wanted to and been adamant about passing on my genes. Kate has always felt strongly about being pregnant. She loves the idea of birthing and breast feeding and actually likes watching babies come out of other people. (Not like it’s a fetish but she has watched two births and thought it was the most beautiful thing ever.) I, on the other hand, watched a horrific video during high school in sex ed of a woman giving birth which I think know scarred me for life. It was awful. I will spare you the details of the video but it made me think twice about giving birth. My mom also almost died giving birth to my brother as she lost too much blood so yeah it’s not a really beautiful thing for me. Now, if it happened naturally (me getting pregnant) that would be one thing, however, once again in this relationship that shit ain’t happening naturally. So we find ourselves in this current state. I want to pass on my genes and she wants to give birth. What’s a girl(s) to do?

Well luckily (kind of) for us there is In Vitro reciprocal fertilization. I essentially donate my eggs to Kate. I put my eggs into Kate’s body. My eggs in Kate mean Kate will be pregnant with my child. Problem solved?! For almost three years I have tried to get her to agree that this is the best case scenario. And it is in my opinion. We both get what we want. She is pregnant and I pass on my genes. AND we both get to be the child’s mothers. One is the birth mother (Kate) and one is the biological mother (me). The problem? That it is upwards of 30k, a sum that is hard to swallow (and fucking save).

So then we get people telling us (and even Kate saying) why don’t you just find sperm and get Kate pregnant. And then you can implant yourself with that same sperm and also get pregnant. Two babies by both mothers and the children are also related through sperm. (Think “The Kids Are Alright” movie.) And then I say LET’S BE PREGNANT TOGETHER… AT THE SAME TIME! (Kate says no so FINE! But misery loves company am I right?)

So then I start thinking what if Kate gets pregnant with random sperm and we decide we only want one child. Am I then going to regret not ever passing on my genes? I have also read stories about lesbian mothers having a child together where sperm is implanted into one mother and then the other mother doesn’t feel a connection with the child. I am so worried if we opt to find sperm and impregnate Kate with it I won’t feel connected. I know this seems absurd but it is a real feeling for me. I also don’t know if I ever care to be pregnant so the whole she has a baby then you have a baby might not be what I want.

So back to square one. We both want children. She wants to be pregnant. I want to pass on my genes. Finally, as in these past few months, we (she has finally agreed) have decided that we are going to go with me implanting my eggs in her and she giving birth to our baby eventually. Now again this option is going to cost a lot of money but in my opinion both of our innate needs of what we want will be met. This scares the shit out of me though still for two reasons:

  1. The money. How the hell are we going to come up with that much money (insert GoFundMe account for baby Page here).
  2. What if it doesn’t work and we are back to square zero.

The money is the biggest issue as we can save and save but 30k is a lot to save. It’s a lot of money period and that is the main reason it was so hard for Kate to get behind. Her thing was that it is so much money. We could put a down payment on a house or put it towards so many other things and we could just use sperm ($500) and get pregnant. But again I inherently want to pass on my genes and don’t know if she does get pregnant with random sperm if I will regret not AT LEAST trying to make it work in a way in which we both are getting what we want. If we fail after spending the time, money and effort then at least we tried? I don’t know.

It’s so much to think about and I’m sure a lot to read. Maybe now she’s regretting putting on this documentary???

I didn’t even get into adoption as I think that is a viable option in the future as well as so many babies need homes. But even that option (I want to adopt a child from a country where children are not allotted the same opportunities as here) is 20k plus. It’s just a lot to think about and a lot of money no matter what we decide to do.

In conclusion, yes everyone Kate and I want babies eventually but it’s not as easy as the birds and the bees here. If it was, we would have a bunch of little minions children running around. So, for now, we have three animals.

I promise it will be lighter next time but here’s a picture of babies to get you through till then…

Image result for lots of babies

Day 3: Babies (& us)

Day 2: St. Patrick’s Day & the #HoopsForHealthcare Challenge

Hello and welcome back (or just welcome). Today is Day 2 of my 30 day writing challenge.

Happy St. Patrick’s day to all the Irish people celebrating their countries cultural and religious holiday and to all the alcoholics who are celebrating and have no idea what they are celebrating but who are still celebrating because well, green beer.

Fun fact: I didn’t know what St. Patrick’s Day was or meant to the country of Ireland until I just researched it on this thing you might know: the internet. Lo and behold not only did I learn about the significance of it (which is the arrival of Saint Patrick and thus Christianity into Ireland) but I also learned that it is heavily associated with alcohol because historically on this day Lent restrictions on eating and drinking were lifted. Also, wearing green is not just some stupid made up thing but rather people wear green because it is the color associated with Catholics in Ireland (whereas Orange is the color associated with Protestant Christians). So, to sum, people get wasted and wear green to celebrate religion.

Image result for the more you know

But anyways, this post took a weird turn and if you haven’t read my disclaimer already I will lay it out for you now: I have ADD (self-diagnosed) and my writing is a representation of this self knowledge. So be forewarned that I will jump all over the pla … Oh look! Something shiny!

In other more important news I recently took part in the #MarchMadness #HoopsForHealthcare challenge. What is this challenge you speak of? Funny you should ask. It is a social media video challenge started by the wonderful women at Together We Will (North County San Diego) to fight for our health care and create awareness of why the ACA matters.

Basically, all you need to do is make a video about the ACA and show off your best (or lack there of) basketball skills; post it; and tag 3 friends using the hashtag #HoopsForHealthCare. If you believe that health care is a fundamental right and the GOP should not take it away from millions of people, I encourage and challenge you all to do it!

FYI: I used a cardboard box as my basketball “hoop” and my dogs tennis ball as my “basketball” so no need to track down a court. You can use whatever “baskets” and “balls” are around your house. For more information check out their really cool site and the Hoops For Healthcare informational page here.

And to see my own shot in which I channeled my Kobe Bryant skills you can view the video below. Shout out to SoCalRunnerGal for the cinematography skills and my dog Gunner who “allowed” me to use his tennis ball and who also makes a cameo in the video.

Happy Hooping!

Day 2: St. Patrick’s Day & the #HoopsForHealthcare Challenge

Day 1

Hello. I’m so glad you’re here. Welcome to Blog 1 on Day 1 of my 30 day writing challenge.

I got into this writing challenge because of Kate. If you don’t know who Kate is then you don’t know me which is totally fine but, if that is the case, you should check out her blog because she is a legit blogger and just so happens to allow me the opportunity to sleep next to her on most nights.

So Kate (aforementioned blogger and sleep partner … sometimes) has been bothering…. *ahem* let me try that again. OK… So Kate (beautiful girlfriend and running extraordinaire) has been encouraging me to take part in her 30 day writing challenge. So here I am on Day 1. See, I DO listen to you babe. Pooooint Gryffindor! (She won’t get that reference because she never has in fact read or watched Harry Potter. A fact that still, to this day, makes me shed a small tear).

But anyways, I can promise you, if you have been referred from her blog to mine, that my blog is not going to be as healthy as hers or have as much to do with running. I run, yes, but not to the capacity of THE SoCalRunnerGal. In fact the last time I tried to run with Kate it was a 5 mile trail run at a much faster pace for me (and much slower pace for her) and I couldn’t talk to her for a good 30 minutes after. Not because I didn’t want to talk (spoiler alert: I love to talk) but because I felt like I was going to vomit. Literally vomit. I think, in fact, my face turned completely white and I dry heaved at least three times. I had to sit in front of a fan for a good 30 minutes actively willing myself to not throw up. That was not fun.

But other than that horrible time, I do like not hate to run. Not so much the starting and the during but rather the after(ing) of it. I like how it makes me feel after and I like that I can eat more. I like that I can do it anywhere (well almost anywhere. Last time I went to San Francisco I tried to run and learned that you need to know a little bit more about where you are in order to traverse the hilly terrain or else your run will turn into a hike up the hills). I like that I can do it with my dog. I like that it is such a great exercise and doesn’t cost a damn thing. In fact when I met Kate I was training for my first half marathon and I ended up doing pretty well. Subsequently every race I have attempted after I have increased my time which I have learned is not good. Who would have thought?

But back to the lecture at hand, I am entirely ADD and my writing is representative of that. If you have made it this far and are still with me, congratulations. If not, I won’t notice so carry on.

I realize this post doesn’t have an inherit theme or topic, so I am sorry if I am blabbing on and on but I am just hoping that this Day 1 post will spark my writing creativity again. You had writing creativity before you may ask. Why yes, yes I did. I was at one time an English major, albeit a lazy one as you’ll notice (if you haven’t already) in my lack of grammatical neurosis, and then a sports reporter. So, in conclusion, I was pretty good at writing or at least making people believe I was. I’ve had blogs since then and still have some now which I will eventually and shamelessly shout out. So stay tuned. Or not. I can’t say that I read a lot of blogs other than Kate’s (to see if she posted an awful picture of me or talked about me) and everything on ESPN so should you not come back, it’s OK.

Perhaps I will have a more thematic and exciting blog post for you tomorrow but, until then, here is a picture of puppies.

Image result for black lab puppies

Day 1