Day 11: #TravelTuesday

It’s Tuesday which means I am in the office today and the week is underway. I WFH Mon/Wed/Fri and yesterday, at home even, I for sure had the Monday Blues. I don’t know if it was because of a lack of interaction with humans (and too much with my animals who were driving me fucking insane), because it was Monday and Monday’s suck or because I had 3 beers on Sunday and was a little hungover. Whatever the case (and maybe it was all of the above) I was just meh yesterday.

People say they get depressed during the winter months when it’s cold and grey. Yeah, OK, I can see that but at least there’s an excuse to stay in. Like well it’s shitty outside so I might as well be working inside. Right? How about when you are stuck behind a computer on yet another gorgeous 70 something degree day and yet can’t go outside because you are chained stuck at your desk working. That’s depressing. Looking outside at the bright blue skies unable to go and enjoy them because well you’re at work and you need to work to live. I don’t know all I know is that it’s depressing no matter what.

Bitching aside, as I was gazing outside of my office window today looking into the big blue abyss I started thinking about Summer and the wanderlust started to kick in. I so badly want to take a vacation (or ten) this year. Kate and I are trying to save our monies for other things but I think AT LEAST ONE VACATION GOD HELP ME WILL SUFFICE. So then I started to think about the places I would like to take a vacation to.

There are so many but my top five six are as follows (not in any order):

  1. Greece (Santorini, Mykonos etc.)
  2. New Zealand/Australia (because if you go to one you have to at least spend a couple days in the other).
  3. French Riviera (Cannes, Nice, Saint Tropez)
  4. South Africa
  5. Italy (Amalfi Coast)
  6. Thailand (Kate went here for a month so she doesn’t necessarily want to go back right now but something tells me that if I pay for her plane ticket she’ll go).

I’ve only been to Haiti, Mexico (La Paz, Cabo, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta among others), Puerto Rico, Canada, Jamaica, Hawaii + Maui, The Bahamas and a bunch of islands in the Caribbean (Saint Martin, St Kitts, Saint Lucia etc.) so I think somewhere in Europe, South Africa and Australia/New Zealand are next up.

Have any of you traveled to any of the above 6? If so, do you have any recommendations? Also, do you want to pay for me to go? I care most about the latter.


Day 11: #TravelTuesday

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