Day 9: 10 Reasons Why I Love San Diego


I thought I would tell you about my love affair with my city in a listical. After all it is my city since I was conceived and birthed here and have lived my whole life (minus college and first job) here. Most people move away from their hometown or feel the need to get out but San Diego has so much to offer that it would be hard for me to move away. Plus any temperature below 55 is freezing so the weather makes it hard to part ways with.

  1. The weather.
    • We have the best weather. Period. The United States Weather Bureau describes San Diego’s weather as the closest thing to perfect in America. People sometimes complain that we don’t have seasons but then a. they can move and b. I see some of those Midwest and East Coast seasons on the interwebs and lemme tell you I’ll pass on the so freezing your nipples can cut glass cold. Plus we typically visit Kate’s family (in the suburbs of Chicago) in the Fall so I get to see the pretty trees and get a taste of the cold. But then we go back home and I still get to see pretty palm trees sans the cold and I am just fine with my “lack” of seasons. Averages in the 70s. You can’t go wrong. I mean people vacation here for the weather and the beaches.
  2. The beaches.
    • I have been all throughout Mexico and Hawaii and the Caribbean and the French Riviera and Amalfi Coast (I lied about the last two) and have seen some beautiful beaches in my time and yet we have some of the best beaches here. At any time I can to the beach and literally feel like I am on vacation. With over 70 miles of coastline there’s a lot of beaches you can go to. Beach camping, bonfires, riding beach cruisers, long boarding along the boardwalk and just hanging with friends at the beach are all things I grew up doing. I took up surfing recentlyish as in I bought a board on a whim and have gone out about 5 times and while I do not even begin to call myself a surfer, my surfboard looks really cool on my patio and sometimes on top of my car.
  3. Everyone is a transplant.
    • This can be annoying for sports and all where everyone seems to like every other sports team but San Diego teams but since San Diego is a transplant city you get to see and hear about the cultural and geographical differences in everyone you meet is a nice mix. Now when they start talking about how San Diegans can’t drive in the rain and how their sports teams are better, that gets annoying and then I tell them they can move back to their former city but anyways…
  4. Everyone is active.
    • San Diego is one of the most active and fit cities in the country. Triathlons and marathons and cycling oh my. Golf, hiking, surfing, frisbee golf (yeah that’s a real thing,) there is every sort of activity for everyone. And, while sometimes my physical activity lacks, I can look outside and take solace in knowing that others are maintaining our status quo as one of the fittest cities. Keep up the good work everyone I’ll be here on my couch cheering for you.
  5. Beer.
    • Craft beer capital of the world.  Not the country, the world. (I think I made that up). So much good beer. So many cool breweries to drink said beer. The end.
  6. Mexico is right there.
    • I love Mexico. I love Mexican candy. I love Mexican Food. I don’t love Mexican beer or the hangovers I associate with Mexico but other than that I love everything about it. You can cross the border and you’re in a whole different country (obviously). Mexico is awesome and weekend trips to Rosarito or Ensenada are a fun and close getaway. And, while I probably spent too much time from the ages of 18-20 partying in TJ to the point where I thought I went to college at Tijuana Tech and may as well have had a home there, I can appreciate it more now. We also have THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD IN THE COUNTRY. 
  7. Pet Friendly
    • Everyone has pets and pets are welcome everywhere. Dog beaches and parks galore. As an animal hoarder lover it is perfect.
  8. It’s not LA but it’s also close enough to LA.
    • I am one of the few who like LA but I, like everyone else, do not love LA traffic. Or the smog. Or the fake people. We have better beaches. We have better weather. We have a better economy (I just read that). And if you ever want to go to LA to go see the Lakers visit or take a day trip it is 2 hours away.
  9. The Culture + Arts.
    • While San Diego doesn’t boast the culture and arts that other larger cities have it still does itself justice. Balboa Park is a public park filled with an array of gardens and museums for everyone to enjoy. These different museums allow any and everyone to learn more about a variety of topics from history to anthropology. The Old Globe Theatre and the La Jolla Playhouse (where Jersey Boys originated) are two great theaters where many Broadway and Tony nominated plays have started.
  10. The weather + the beer.

I love San Diego for so many more reasons and a lot of these could be built out into topics in themselves but they encompass most of why I love San Diego. In the end, San Diego is home and a pretty fucking cool one at that so how could I ever leave?

Day 9: 10 Reasons Why I Love San Diego

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