Day 6: (Un)Motivated Tuesday

Same shit, different day. Literally worked all day and haven’t had time to think much less time to formulate a blog. I haven’t even had time to be funny and THAT’S really hard.

30 days of writing is also hard. Or rather 30 days of writing and publishing said writing for others to read is hard.

It may not get better tomorrow cause work has been so crazy and then Kate and I are going to a show so I will have to write during the day. Maybe I’ll write about something really important like global warming why Girls is the best show ever.

BUT at least I can say I got something out there today so I am not a failure at this 30 days of writing thing even if it’s just telling you why I am not writing, although I am writing now and you are reading this writing so I am writing so why am I telling you I am not writing when I am? Did you follow that? Me neither.



Please send food candy.

Day 6: (Un)Motivated Tuesday

2 thoughts on “Day 6: (Un)Motivated Tuesday

  1. Alice says:

    Keep at it! Some ideas: favorite movies or sports legends. First concert you ever went to. Worst date ever. Best vacation ever. Favorite foods/cocktails. Someone from elementary school you would apologize to now. Bucket list trips. Go!

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