Day 2: St. Patrick’s Day & the #HoopsForHealthcare Challenge

Hello and welcome back (or just welcome). Today is Day 2 of my 30 day writing challenge.

Happy St. Patrick’s day to all the Irish people celebrating their countries cultural and religious holiday and to all the alcoholics who are celebrating and have no idea what they are celebrating but who are still celebrating because well, green beer.

Fun fact: I didn’t know what St. Patrick’s Day was or meant to the country of Ireland until I just researched it on this thing you might know: the internet. Lo and behold not only did I learn about the significance of it (which is the arrival of Saint Patrick and thus Christianity into Ireland) but I also learned that it is heavily associated with alcohol because historically on this day Lent restrictions on eating and drinking were lifted. Also, wearing green is not just some stupid made up thing but rather people wear green because it is the color associated with Catholics in Ireland (whereas Orange is the color associated with Protestant Christians). So, to sum, people get wasted and wear green to celebrate religion.

Image result for the more you know

But anyways, this post took a weird turn and if you haven’t read my disclaimer already I will lay it out for you now: I have ADD (self-diagnosed) and my writing is a representation of this self knowledge. So be forewarned that I will jump all over the pla … Oh look! Something shiny!

In other more important news I recently took part in the #MarchMadness #HoopsForHealthcare challenge. What is this challenge you speak of? Funny you should ask. It is a social media video challenge started by the wonderful women at Together We Will (North County San Diego) to fight for our health care and create awareness of why the ACA matters.

Basically, all you need to do is make a video about the ACA and show off your best (or lack there of) basketball skills; post it; and tag 3 friends using the hashtag #HoopsForHealthCare. If you believe that health care is a fundamental right and the GOP should not take it away from millions of people, I encourage and challenge you all to do it!

FYI: I used a cardboard box as my basketball “hoop” and my dogs tennis ball as my “basketball” so no need to track down a court. You can use whatever “baskets” and “balls” are around your house. For more information check out their really cool site and the Hoops For Healthcare informational page here.

And to see my own shot in which I channeled my Kobe Bryant skills you can view the video below. Shout out to SoCalRunnerGal for the cinematography skills and my dog Gunner who “allowed” me to use his tennis ball and who also makes a cameo in the video.

Happy Hooping!

Day 2: St. Patrick’s Day & the #HoopsForHealthcare Challenge

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