Day 1

Hello. I’m so glad you’re here. Welcome to Blog 1 on Day 1 of my 30 day writing challenge.

I got into this writing challenge because of Kate. If you don’t know who Kate is then you don’t know me which is totally fine but, if that is the case, you should check out her blog because she is a legit blogger and just so happens to allow me the opportunity to sleep next to her on most nights.

So Kate (aforementioned blogger and sleep partner … sometimes) has been bothering…. *ahem* let me try that again. OK… So Kate (beautiful girlfriend and running extraordinaire) has been encouraging me to take part in her 30 day writing challenge. So here I am on Day 1. See, I DO listen to you babe. Pooooint Gryffindor! (She won’t get that reference because she never has in fact read or watched Harry Potter. A fact that still, to this day, makes me shed a small tear).

But anyways, I can promise you, if you have been referred from her blog to mine, that my blog is not going to be as healthy as hers or have as much to do with running. I run, yes, but not to the capacity of THE SoCalRunnerGal. In fact the last time I tried to run with Kate it was a 5 mile trail run at a much faster pace for me (and much slower pace for her) and I couldn’t talk to her for a good 30 minutes after. Not because I didn’t want to talk (spoiler alert: I love to talk) but because I felt like I was going to vomit. Literally vomit. I think, in fact, my face turned completely white and I dry heaved at least three times. I had to sit in front of a fan for a good 30 minutes actively willing myself to not throw up. That was not fun.

But other than that horrible time, I do like not hate to run. Not so much the starting and the during but rather the after(ing) of it. I like how it makes me feel after and I like that I can eat more. I like that I can do it anywhere (well almost anywhere. Last time I went to San Francisco I tried to run and learned that you need to know a little bit more about where you are in order to traverse the hilly terrain or else your run will turn into a hike up the hills). I like that I can do it with my dog. I like that it is such a great exercise and doesn’t cost a damn thing. In fact when I met Kate I was training for my first half marathon and I ended up doing pretty well. Subsequently every race I have attempted after I have increased my time which I have learned is not good. Who would have thought?

But back to the lecture at hand, I am entirely ADD and my writing is representative of that. If you have made it this far and are still with me, congratulations. If not, I won’t notice so carry on.

I realize this post doesn’t have an inherit theme or topic, so I am sorry if I am blabbing on and on but I am just hoping that this Day 1 post will spark my writing creativity again. You had writing creativity before you may ask. Why yes, yes I did. I was at one time an English major, albeit a lazy one as you’ll notice (if you haven’t already) in my lack of grammatical neurosis, and then a sports reporter. So, in conclusion, I was pretty good at writing or at least making people believe I was. I’ve had blogs since then and still have some now which I will eventually and shamelessly shout out. So stay tuned. Or not. I can’t say that I read a lot of blogs other than Kate’s (to see if she posted an awful picture of me or talked about me) and everything on ESPN so should you not come back, it’s OK.

Perhaps I will have a more thematic and exciting blog post for you tomorrow but, until then, here is a picture of puppies.

Image result for black lab puppies

Day 1

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