Day 12: What I Wore Wednesday

Day 12 of supporting Kate’s 30 day writing challenge and I should win girlfriend of the year when I’m done and get an hour long back massage.

But anyways…

Apparently “What I Wore Wednesday” is an actual thing. (Clearly I need to start reading things other than ESPN). So, seeing as I consider myself a fashionista as someone who wears clothes and, since I wore clothes today, I thought I would share with you what I wore on this Wednesday.

Warning: This may make you rethink all your outfits and fashion choices.

Prepare to be blown away.

1. Pajamas.

  • Your standard cotton t-shirt and drawstring shorts. Both from Target and both perfect for lounging and/or working.


2. Workout clothes

  • A tech tee Kate got for free + Nike running capris. I run in Nike’s these days so since I went for a 5 mile run with Gunner I wore my Nike Lunar Tempo’s.

Workout Clothes

3. Pajamas again.

  • A purple shirt that my Grandma got me from Maui that has a frog on it and some Nautica seahorse pajama-bottom-shorts. I am not posting a picture because I am currently wearing them and currently not wearing a bra and and, well, gravity.

I hope you weren’t expecting an actual fashionable detailing of my outfits because well I am not fashionable and because I couldn’t be bothered to dress up today (or any day for that matter). I worked from home today so I couldn’t be bothered to even shower (I did brush my teeth around 10 am) or change my clothes until my 5 mile run with Gunner.

Please Note: I did shower after my run.

And now here are pictures of our run.







Day 12: What I Wore Wednesday

Day 11: #TravelTuesday

It’s Tuesday which means I am in the office today and the week is underway. I WFH Mon/Wed/Fri and yesterday, at home even, I for sure had the Monday Blues. I don’t know if it was because of a lack of interaction with humans (and too much with my animals who were driving me fucking insane), because it was Monday and Monday’s suck or because I had 3 beers on Sunday and was a little hungover. Whatever the case (and maybe it was all of the above) I was just meh yesterday.

People say they get depressed during the winter months when it’s cold and grey. Yeah, OK, I can see that but at least there’s an excuse to stay in. Like well it’s shitty outside so I might as well be working inside. Right? How about when you are stuck behind a computer on yet another gorgeous 70 something degree day and yet can’t go outside because you are chained stuck at your desk working. That’s depressing. Looking outside at the bright blue skies unable to go and enjoy them because well you’re at work and you need to work to live. I don’t know all I know is that it’s depressing no matter what.

Bitching aside, as I was gazing outside of my office window today looking into the big blue abyss I started thinking about Summer and the wanderlust started to kick in. I so badly want to take a vacation (or ten) this year. Kate and I are trying to save our monies for other things but I think AT LEAST ONE VACATION GOD HELP ME WILL SUFFICE. So then I started to think about the places I would like to take a vacation to.

There are so many but my top five six are as follows (not in any order):

  1. Greece (Santorini, Mykonos etc.)
  2. New Zealand/Australia (because if you go to one you have to at least spend a couple days in the other).
  3. French Riviera (Cannes, Nice, Saint Tropez)
  4. South Africa
  5. Italy (Amalfi Coast)
  6. Thailand (Kate went here for a month so she doesn’t necessarily want to go back right now but something tells me that if I pay for her plane ticket she’ll go).

I’ve only been to Haiti, Mexico (La Paz, Cabo, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta among others), Puerto Rico, Canada, Jamaica, Hawaii + Maui, The Bahamas and a bunch of islands in the Caribbean (Saint Martin, St Kitts, Saint Lucia etc.) so I think somewhere in Europe, South Africa and Australia/New Zealand are next up.

Have any of you traveled to any of the above 6? If so, do you have any recommendations? Also, do you want to pay for me to go? I care most about the latter.


Day 11: #TravelTuesday

Day 10: Top 10 Favorite Movies

I have lacked a bit on writing (missed two days but who’s counting) and this should be Day 11 however I’m calling it Day 10 because well this is my blog and I can do what I want.

Kate gave me shit for missing two days and then my friend Melissa also gave me shit (claiming she had nothing to read if I didn’t post to which I replied she should expand her reading horizons because well the shit she’s reading on here is not life changing or Nobel Prize worthy but anyways…) so here I am.

I thought I would make another list because well it’s easy and because well I am lazy. So without further ado…I love movies. I love being lazy. I love rainy days so that I have an excuse to stay in, watch movies, and be lazy. I love the movie theater. The popcorn, the reclining seats, (how did we ever go to the movies without reclining seats??) the excuse to drink a huge cup of Diet Coke. I love it all.

And I love all movies. I don’t even have a type when it pertains to movies. Some people love action or romance or horror but for me so long as it’s a good movie and entertaining I will enjoy it. Except for that one time I allowed Kate to pick out the movie and she picked some movie with Zac Efron called “That Awkward Moment” which was THE MOST AWFUL movie ever. EVER. And now she’s not allowed to pick out movies. EVER AGAIN. (Love you babe).

So here is my list of my top ten favorite movies. Spoiler Alert “That Awkward Moment” will not be on this list. Perhaps I will create another post on my top ten LEAST favorite movies and that one will absolutely be on it.

  1. L.A. Confidential
    • 1950s LA crime story with all the old Hollywood vibes. Newspaper headlines, scandals, celebrities, hookers, corruption, and murder. What’s not to like?? “That’s all the news that’s fit to print” is something I still say and so many people have no idea why I say it or where it’s from.
  2. Almost Famous
    • A young high school kid gets an opportunity to write his first piece for The Rolling Stone covering a rock band on tour. Rock ‘n’ roll, groupies, drug and alcohol fueled debauchery, sex, journalism, and Kate Hudson. Philip Seymour Hoffman is also amazing in it. And it starts in San Diego.
  3. The Shawshank Redemption
    • A feel good story about the falsely imprisoned protagonist Andy who encounters many people and situations in prison and forms a friendship with Morgan Freeman who, of course, narrates the movie. Who knew the horrors of prison and existential hope could make for such an amazing movie.
  4. The Godfather (ALL)
    • Mob-dramas directed by Francis Ford Coppola that watch the Corleone family go down the inevitable cycle of violence and betrayal. Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and Diane Keaton, enough said.
  5. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
    • The protagonist (Jack Nicholson) pleads insanity and gets sent from prison to a psychiatric ward where he is witness to the atrocious oppression and abuse from a crazy nurse (Nurse Ratchet). He rebels against the nurse and rallies up the scared patients.
  6. Chinatown
    • Corruption, deceit and sinister family secrets set the tone for this 1970s (although set in the 50s) crime drama. Roman Polanski directing + Jack Nicholson acting = amazing.
  7. The Usual Suspects
    • Crime mystery with one of the biggest twists I never saw coming. Brilliantly directed and acted.
  8. The Silence of the Lambs
    • Hello Claricccceee. Hauntingly brilliant crime story about a FBI agent who, in order to catch a serial killer, seeks aid from one of the most notorious serial killers – Hannibal Lecter. Chilling, creepy, suspenseful and amazing.
  9. Pan’s Labryinth
    • Guillermo Del Toro’s masterpiece. Science Fictionish Alice in Wonderland for grown ups. In Spanish subtitles so not for those who don’t know how to read.
  10. Forrest Gump
    • I could watch this over and over. Robin Wright Jennnny. Always and forever.

These are not in order of favoritism HOWEVER L.A. Confidential and Almost Famous are definitely my top two. Also there are so many other great movies however this list is of 10 favorites not 20 or 30 (although I could definitely fill those out too). Honorable Mentions: The Deer Hunter, Pulp Fiction, Schindler’s List, Life Is Beautiful and American History X. (I guess I could have made this Top 15 Best Movies but I was too lazy to fill them out so there.)

Looks like you have some Netflix and chillin to do.

Till we meet again…


Day 10: Top 10 Favorite Movies

Day 9: 10 Reasons Why I Love San Diego


I thought I would tell you about my love affair with my city in a listical. After all it is my city since I was conceived and birthed here and have lived my whole life (minus college and first job) here. Most people move away from their hometown or feel the need to get out but San Diego has so much to offer that it would be hard for me to move away. Plus any temperature below 55 is freezing so the weather makes it hard to part ways with.

  1. The weather.
    • We have the best weather. Period. The United States Weather Bureau describes San Diego’s weather as the closest thing to perfect in America. People sometimes complain that we don’t have seasons but then a. they can move and b. I see some of those Midwest and East Coast seasons on the interwebs and lemme tell you I’ll pass on the so freezing your nipples can cut glass cold. Plus we typically visit Kate’s family (in the suburbs of Chicago) in the Fall so I get to see the pretty trees and get a taste of the cold. But then we go back home and I still get to see pretty palm trees sans the cold and I am just fine with my “lack” of seasons. Averages in the 70s. You can’t go wrong. I mean people vacation here for the weather and the beaches.
  2. The beaches.
    • I have been all throughout Mexico and Hawaii and the Caribbean and the French Riviera and Amalfi Coast (I lied about the last two) and have seen some beautiful beaches in my time and yet we have some of the best beaches here. At any time I can to the beach and literally feel like I am on vacation. With over 70 miles of coastline there’s a lot of beaches you can go to. Beach camping, bonfires, riding beach cruisers, long boarding along the boardwalk and just hanging with friends at the beach are all things I grew up doing. I took up surfing recentlyish as in I bought a board on a whim and have gone out about 5 times and while I do not even begin to call myself a surfer, my surfboard looks really cool on my patio and sometimes on top of my car.
  3. Everyone is a transplant.
    • This can be annoying for sports and all where everyone seems to like every other sports team but San Diego teams but since San Diego is a transplant city you get to see and hear about the cultural and geographical differences in everyone you meet is a nice mix. Now when they start talking about how San Diegans can’t drive in the rain and how their sports teams are better, that gets annoying and then I tell them they can move back to their former city but anyways…
  4. Everyone is active.
    • San Diego is one of the most active and fit cities in the country. Triathlons and marathons and cycling oh my. Golf, hiking, surfing, frisbee golf (yeah that’s a real thing,) there is every sort of activity for everyone. And, while sometimes my physical activity lacks, I can look outside and take solace in knowing that others are maintaining our status quo as one of the fittest cities. Keep up the good work everyone I’ll be here on my couch cheering for you.
  5. Beer.
    • Craft beer capital of the world.  Not the country, the world. (I think I made that up). So much good beer. So many cool breweries to drink said beer. The end.
  6. Mexico is right there.
    • I love Mexico. I love Mexican candy. I love Mexican Food. I don’t love Mexican beer or the hangovers I associate with Mexico but other than that I love everything about it. You can cross the border and you’re in a whole different country (obviously). Mexico is awesome and weekend trips to Rosarito or Ensenada are a fun and close getaway. And, while I probably spent too much time from the ages of 18-20 partying in TJ to the point where I thought I went to college at Tijuana Tech and may as well have had a home there, I can appreciate it more now. We also have THE BEST MEXICAN FOOD IN THE COUNTRY. 
  7. Pet Friendly
    • Everyone has pets and pets are welcome everywhere. Dog beaches and parks galore. As an animal hoarder lover it is perfect.
  8. It’s not LA but it’s also close enough to LA.
    • I am one of the few who like LA but I, like everyone else, do not love LA traffic. Or the smog. Or the fake people. We have better beaches. We have better weather. We have a better economy (I just read that). And if you ever want to go to LA to go see the Lakers visit or take a day trip it is 2 hours away.
  9. The Culture + Arts.
    • While San Diego doesn’t boast the culture and arts that other larger cities have it still does itself justice. Balboa Park is a public park filled with an array of gardens and museums for everyone to enjoy. These different museums allow any and everyone to learn more about a variety of topics from history to anthropology. The Old Globe Theatre and the La Jolla Playhouse (where Jersey Boys originated) are two great theaters where many Broadway and Tony nominated plays have started.
  10. The weather + the beer.

I love San Diego for so many more reasons and a lot of these could be built out into topics in themselves but they encompass most of why I love San Diego. In the end, San Diego is home and a pretty fucking cool one at that so how could I ever leave?

Day 9: 10 Reasons Why I Love San Diego

Day 8: Happy National Puppy Day & Why You Should Adopt, Not Shop

Soooo… I skipped a day. Do I feel bad about it? No. Did Kate give me shit about it? Yes. Do I feel bad about it now? Let me think … annnnnnd it’s still a no. Please read previous posts about lack of motivation and too much work and I think you’ll agree that it was OK to skip a day. I thought about writing so maybe that counts?

Plus we went to a show last night and don’t get out much didn’t get home till late (for 31 year old standards) and I just couldn’t bring myself to write yet another (un)motivated [insert day here] post for you to read.

So here we are. And thank you all (mom and a few others) for the ideas for topics to post about, I will definitely incorporate them into future posts.

Seeing as it is National Puppy Day I thought I would incorporate this holiday day into my post. As a professional animal hoarder lover I am happy to celebrate and shout out all things animals. If it was up to me I would have over 100 animals but I would also be single so compromises must be made. With that said, we have three lovely assholes all of who were adopted from either a shelter or rescue organization.

Growing up I loved animals. I grew up with a large assortment of furry friends: dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and even chickens. We got the dogs and one of our cats from breeders. When I was growing up I didn’t know where they came from I just knew they were squishy and cuddly and loved to be smothered to the point of suffocation. Well maybe not the last part but you get it. As I grew up and came to a point where I was going to get my own animal I toyed with going to a breeder to get that “perfect” breed of dog. As I read more and more about the amount of animals in shelters and the amount of them that are euthanized each year I quickly realized I could not bring myself to purchase a dog from anywhere other than an animal shelter as so many dogs each year are killed simply because of overpopulation. (Cue Sara McLaughlin’s ASPCA commercial).

Fun facts about shelters:

  1. Approximately 8-12 million animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year.
  2. Approximately 5-9 million of those animals are euthanized.
  3. Looking for a pure bred dog? Approximately 25% of ALL dogs surrendered to shelters are pure bred.

Fun facts about puppy mills:

  1. There are an estimated 15,000 puppy mills in the U.S. alone.
  2. Nearly 100 percent of the dogs sold in pet stores and directly to consumers online and through newspaper ads are puppy mill dogs.
  3. Why are puppy mills bad? The owners of puppy mills solely want to profit off the animals they sell. With that in mind, the health and welfare of the animals is not a priority as dogs can spend most of their lives in cramped cages, with no room to play or exercise.
  4. Female dogs are bred at every opportunity with little to no recovery time between litters. When, after a few years, they are physically depleted to the point that they no longer can reproduce, breeding females are often killed.
  5. Diseases run rampant and more than likely the animal you are purchasing was exposed to this disease.

Also it is a known fact that pure bred dogs have more health problems than mutts due to inbreeding.

I could go on and on and get even more detailed in the facts surrounding shelters and puppy mills but I will let you do your own research should you choose to do so. I will also avoid putting pictures of puppy mills into this post so that you can keep down your dinner. However, a simple Google search on “puppy mill pictures” will bring that dinner right back up.

All I know is that there are so many animals who need homes. There are so many animals who deserve homes. There are so many animals who love everything and who just want to be loved.

No, not all animal shelter dogs have behavioral issues. No, not all animal shelter dogs are aggressive. However many people believe that is the case and are then convinced to look elsewhere. No, not all animal shelter dogs are pit bulls. But pit bulls are adorable and there are plenty of them there and you should adopt them. Pit bulls are in fact the number one dog breed that is euthanized every year. The second most euthanized? Chihuahuas. It’s not because pit bulls and chihuahuas are deplorables so they end up at the shelter, it’s because a breed will get popular (oh I can put a chihuahua in my purse like Paris Hilton) and the over breeding of that dog follows.

Now I cannot attest for reputable breeders as I am sure they treat their animals right and should you want a dog from a breeder just make sure you do your research. I would just encourage you to go to a shelter first because chances are you will find so many adoptable dogs that you will fall in love with, who will love you unconditionally and who would love a warm home. There are also pure bred dog rescues for literally every breed so, should you want a pure bred, performing a Google search for the breed + rescue will lay out many rescues dedicated to specific breeds. We got Gunner from an organization called Labs & Friends. He was supposed to be a foster but you see how well that worked out.

I’m not going to hunt you down and condemn you for not going to the shelter. I just hope that in conveying the above information you will be more aware of the problem that plagues animal shelters and puppy mills. I just hope that in laying out the stats you will want to do a bit more research and maybe find ways in which you can help even if it’s not adopting the animals. I hope that this, if even for one person, will make them more inclined to adopt.

For more information and ways you can help, find local shelters around you (on the internet all you have to do is type in “shelters” and local results should populate the results) and see how you can donate your time and/or money.

Here are some other resources:

Now some pictures of our motley crew.





gunner and ringo




Day 8: Happy National Puppy Day & Why You Should Adopt, Not Shop

Day 6: (Un)Motivated Tuesday

Same shit, different day. Literally worked all day and haven’t had time to think much less time to formulate a blog. I haven’t even had time to be funny and THAT’S really hard.

30 days of writing is also hard. Or rather 30 days of writing and publishing said writing for others to read is hard.

It may not get better tomorrow cause work has been so crazy and then Kate and I are going to a show so I will have to write during the day. Maybe I’ll write about something really important like global warming why Girls is the best show ever.

BUT at least I can say I got something out there today so I am not a failure at this 30 days of writing thing even if it’s just telling you why I am not writing, although I am writing now and you are reading this writing so I am writing so why am I telling you I am not writing when I am? Did you follow that? Me neither.



Please send food candy.

Day 6: (Un)Motivated Tuesday

Day 5: (Un)Motivated Monday

I promise I have so many things to write and talk about however my brain is absolutely drained from work today. Drained as in if you asked me to recount what I did five minutes ago, I wouldn’t be able to tell you. (I mean I don’t have a good memory anyway so I’m pretty sure on any given day that still would happen but you don’t know that now, do you? Well now you do).

But anyways I was so unmotivated to write about anything that required thought and/or research that I searched aimlessly (one time) on the all mighty and knowing interwebs to see if I could cheat and get motivation from elsewhere. I’m not proud to admit it but my utter lack of motivation and/or creativity led me here:


But still, nothing. I really am sorry to let all four of you down but today will have to be a short and sweet simple run down of my day. Like literally a list. Emphasis on short. On another day I will do a day in the life with commentary but today is not that day. BUT it will include pictures of Gunner (black lab) in it at the end so if you are not a total socio AND psychopath and like animals, continue reading to see an adorable dog on a run (or just scroll till you get to pictures).

8:00 am: Woke up. Rolled around a few times willing Monday to go away. When time travel was unsuccessful I got up moaned at Kate and walked the dogs.

8:30 am: Coffee. Don’t talk to me.

Every second between 8:30-9:00 am: Coffee. Don’t talk to me.

9:00 am: Work begins with a BANG. Emails, messages, follow ups, projects, statuses, meetings and so forth. Well hello there Monday, you asshole. Throw in the fact that they are currently cutting down trees (because a tree fell on a unit and took out a balcony and our main water heater along with uprooting our main gas line during the crazy storms but all I can think of is the movie Ferngully) at our condo complex and using noisy chainsaws and this day is already shaping up to be real fucking swell.

9:30 am: First Meeting.

9:30 – 10:30 am: Review shit.

10:30 am: Make toast and almond butter.

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm: Meeting.

1:30 pm: Make two eggs over easy and toast.

2:30-3:30 pm: Meeting.

3:30 – 4:00 pm: Meeting.

4:00 – 4:30 pm: YOU GUESSED IT. Meeting.

Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. Work. (I had to sing it twice to get the right amount of “works.”)

5:30 pm: Go on a run with Gunner on our trails. We smell four other dog butts, see lots of birds, chase some squirrels and make it back before dusk.

6:30 pm: Work again and send out the final emails.

7:30 pm: Kate gets home and brings dinner so BYYYYE WORK!

8:00 pm: Shower.

9:00 pm: Write these words right now. Literally right now (it’s now 9:02).

9:15 pm: Watch Girls with Kate.

9:45 pm: Walk dogs.

It’s a crazy life I lead. I know you’re jealous. I will be more motivated tomorrow (maybe, maybe if Kate gives me back massage. Especially if Kate gives me a back massage). But until then, here are some pictures to get you through.

gunner 2gunner




Day 5: (Un)Motivated Monday